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Littlestown Borough Commissions & Boards

Littlestown Borough Commissions & Boards

Planning Commission (3 Year Terms)

The purpose of this Commission is to provide for the harmonious, orderly and efficient development of the Borough by assuring sites suitable for building purposes, to provide for the coordination of existing streets with proposed streets, other public facilities and for adequate open spaces.

Zoning Hearing Board (3 Year Terms)

This Board is a “quasi-judicial” board that has decision-making authority to hear any appeal from decisions or actions taken by the Littlestown Zoning Officer as specified in the Borough of Littlestown Zoning Code.

Jim Long - Chairman - Term Ends: 01/01/2024
James Eline, Sr. - Vice Chairman - Term Ends: 01/01/2025
Randall Rolls - Secretary - Term Ends: 01/01/2025
VACANT- Member - Term Ends: 01/01/2024
Scott Zanger - Member - Term Ends: 01/01/2025
Dan Hueglin - Member - Term Ends: 01/01/2024
VACANT- Member - Term Ends: 01/01/2025
Robert Thaeler - Adams County Representative

Philip Martin - Chairman - Term Ends: 01/01/2024

Joe Boyd - Member - Term Ends: 01/01/2025

Vacant - Alternate - Term Ends: 01/01/2025

Vacant - Alternate - Term Ends: 01/01/2025
Matt Teeter - Solicitor  

Borough Authority (5 Year Terms)

In compliance with the requirements of the Act of May 2, 1945, P.L. 382, known as the “Municipality Authorities Act of 1945”, as amended, that the Municipal Authority shall acquire, purchase, hold, construct, improve, maintain, operate, own, lease, whether as Lessor or Lessee, Water Works, Water Supply Works, and Water Distribution Systems.

Karen Louey - Chairman - Term Ends: 07/09/2026
David Westcott - Vice Chairman - Term Ends: 07/09/2024
VACANT - Secretary / Treasurer - Term Ends: 07/09/2023

VACANT - Member - Term Ends: 07/09/2027
Tim Mayers - Member - Term Ends: 07/09/2025

Civil Service Commission (3 Year Terms)

The Civil Service Commission of the Borough of Littlestown governs and regulates all appointments, suspensions, and removals of paid members of the Littlestown Police Department. 

Tim Mayers - Chairman - Term Ends: 12/31/2022

VACANT - Secretary - Term Ends: 12/31/202

Karen Louey - Member - Term Ends: 12/31/2024